Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Book Review: Helping Me Help Myself by Beth Lisick
She dresses up in a banana suit and she does the splits!

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Brandon Valentine said...


In response to your SPOILER question posted on end is handled very tastefully, yet in a similar manner to the text.

In the end, the audience views Briony apologizing to Robbie and Cecilia, vowing to come clean and put the real rapist to justice. Then viewers are catapulted into the future where we witness an elderly Briony giving an interview on her 21st novel, Atonement.

During this interview, we learn that the apology and confession was a fictional ending for her novel. In reality, Briony explains that she wishes that were the actual outcome, abut Robbie really died in the Battle at Dunkirk.

The film closes with a scene of Robbie and Cecilia kissing in the grass of the house they hoped to share.